The Author

Since 6th grade after seeing the movie “The Mask of Zorro” for the first time, I’ve had a knack for telling stories, based on movies or books. But I never liked reading assigned books. I couldn’t bring myself to love reading as much as drawing . . .

Until high school.

I was inspired by a friend to become a writer when she was creating a story using our friends as characters, including ourselves. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of her process. No one said writing a book was easy, but they never say that it was impossible.

I came across Twilight, the graphic novel version, and was amazed of the drawing style (jealous, I’ll admit). When I showed it to my mom, she asked: “Why don’t you try something like this?”

Then the lightbulb turned on. Why don’t I give it a try? What’s keeping me from giving a shot? My mom knew that I was an artist and loved telling stories. She saw a pile of sketchbooks and journals full of story ideas and inspirations in my bedroom. I had a few stories that I’d like to write and publish, but didn’t know which to start.

By Fall 2013 in the middle of my first semester in college, I completed my novel after two years of planning and organizing. However, I never published it for my focus was going to the field of animation.

Still in college to study animation, I have never abandoned my interest in creative writing, but I wanted to do something that involved telling a story through a series of drawings. Then I remembered my high school life and decided to create a graphic novel, but for a different story.

That’s when Rajasthan: Land of the Kings was born. One setting I will recognize. One character I will remember from high school. One exotic world foreign to me. A challenge I will accept without fail.

The process will be long, but I pray to God to give me motivation that I will start on this story and see to the very end. I finished one story without quitting, so I’m sure I can start on this new story and do it again!