Different Hairstyles

So I have this co-worker who was a complete stranger to me back in January and I bluntly told him in first meeting that I’d like to add him to my story.

Crazy, right?

I chose him to be my friend and then later during the semester, I found out that he got hired at my workplace. So we’d be able to see each other often! And that’s good, because then I can really focus on his face and personality!

(he’s actually pretty handsome for an Indian, I’ll admit)

So I drew some hairstyles of the “man bun” since it was what my co-worker/friend/inspiration wanted. Never mind the face!! I like to draw different faces when I draw hairstyles

But I’d definitely like to add a gap on his left eyebrow. If you look into the male version of Esmeralda, some artists left a gap on one of his eyebrows


In the Kitchen

Gave Anil a new haircut, so basically it’s shorter. Was curious to know what he’d look like if I were to cut his hair

Nereida and Two Guys

I love the fact that drawing her hair has improved since I first started drawing her. Throughout high school, I’ve always had trouble drawing hair for both male and female characters. The anime style was what I started in 10th grade and eventually, I mixed that with Disney for a style like this

Love triangle is common, isn’t it? But that won’t be the main focus of the story. It will become a problem for Nereida and Tera, but mainly Nereida