Royal Guard 1st Concept


Nereida and Two Guys

I love the fact that drawing her hair has improved since I first started drawing her. Throughout high school, I’ve always had trouble drawing hair for both male and female characters. The anime style was what I started in 10th grade and eventually, I mixed that with Disney for a style like this

Love triangle is common, isn’t it? But that won’t be the main focus of the story. It will become a problem for Nereida and Tera, but mainly Nereida

Trishul Sketches

When I was looking into Durga’s weapons and did some research about the trident, or “trishul” as it was written, I thought about how I would want it to look like. Most of us know the traditional look from Disney’s animated film “The Little Mermaid” and the different style from a series of books about Percy Jackson

But for my version of Durga’s trishul, I wanted it to be different, unique. This was only the first page of some ideas I came up with about the trident design even though at the bottom, I was losing some ideas

Hopefully, I’ll have a final design for the trident