Different Hairstyles

So I have this co-worker who was a complete stranger to me back in January and I bluntly told him in first meeting that I’d like to add him to my story.

Crazy, right?

I chose him to be my friend and then later during the semester, I found out that he got hired at my workplace. So we’d be able to see each other often! And that’s good, because then I can really focus on his face and personality!

(he’s actually pretty handsome for an Indian, I’ll admit)

So I drew some hairstyles of the “man bun” since it was what my co-worker/friend/inspiration wanted. Never mind the face!! I like to draw different faces when I draw hairstyles

But I’d definitely like to add a gap on his left eyebrow. If you look into the male version of Esmeralda, some artists left a gap on one of his eyebrows


In the Kitchen

Gave Anil a new haircut, so basically it’s shorter. Was curious to know what he’d look like if I were to cut his hair

Old Trinket Concept

I want to make this little trinket box look old when it appears in the 21st century. One of the main characters will have it in her possession

And if it wasn’t obvious, I was thinking of the animated film “Anastasia” of the little music box. But I want my version of the little box to have hints of India and Persia, so I’m gonna have to do a lot of research about the designs

India? No problem

Persia? Gonna have to do more research

Nereida and Two Guys

I love the fact that drawing her hair has improved since I first started drawing her. Throughout high school, I’ve always had trouble drawing hair for both male and female characters. The anime style was what I started in 10th grade and eventually, I mixed that with Disney for a style like this

Love triangle is common, isn’t it? But that won’t be the main focus of the story. It will become a problem for Nereida and Tera, but mainly Nereida