Busy with College Life

Hey, guys!! Antonieta here!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, but I’ve been busy with college life and work. Hectic, really, that I tend to forget things!

Gonna be tough to balance what I’m supposed to do and what I want to do. Obviously, I want and need to study animation. I need to work. But I also want to work on my first webcomic. I haven’t done any new drawings yet, but it doesn’t mean that I stopped working on it

I’m starting Chapter 4 of the story script. I’m the type that prefers to have a solid plan than to go straight into drawing and have changes later that will only create a bigger mess

It’s funny that the beginning of Chapter 4 compared to the original outline from a year ago is completely different. Might as well just throw that journal out and start fresh, right?


I’m gonna keep it and use it as a guide. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up using bits and pieces from the original outline

Oh yeah, I’m thinking of renaming the story. The current one seems pretty long, but I hope to come up with a better one once I have completed the story script. Or at least halfway to the point where I know what the title should be