Old Trinket Concept

I want to make this little trinket box look old when it appears in the 21st century. One of the main characters will have it in her possession

And if it wasn’t obvious, I was thinking of the animated film “Anastasia” of the little music box. But I want my version of the little box to have hints of India and Persia, so I’m gonna have to do a lot of research about the designs

India? No problem

Persia? Gonna have to do more research


Nereida and Two Guys

I love the fact that drawing her hair has improved since I first started drawing her. Throughout high school, I’ve always had trouble drawing hair for both male and female characters. The anime style was what I started in 10th grade and eventually, I mixed that with Disney for a style like this

Love triangle is common, isn’t it? But that won’t be the main focus of the story. It will become a problem for Nereida and Tera, but mainly Nereida

Trishul Sketches

When I was looking into Durga’s weapons and did some research about the trident, or “trishul” as it was written, I thought about how I would want it to look like. Most of us know the traditional look from Disney’s animated film “The Little Mermaid” and the different style from a series of books about Percy Jackson

But for my version of Durga’s trishul, I wanted it to be different, unique. This was only the first page of some ideas I came up with about the trident design even though at the bottom, I was losing some ideas

Hopefully, I’ll have a final design for the trident